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John Ferguson, K3PFW
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Delaware Section News - June 2022

Well, this is my last entry. John will be taking over the website starting July 1.

- Hope you had a great Field Day.

- John is looking for volunteers for some of the state positions. If you have the interest in serving, please contact him for more information. 

- New Repeater: The Mt. Joy Repeater in Millsboro, DE is now operational on 443.200 MHz. (+) 156.7 PL Try it out while you’re downstate.

It's been a pleasure working with everyone. I wish you all the best. Thanks again for everything....

73, Joe KI3B


Delaware Section Traffic Managers Report

April 2022


Delmarva Emergency Phone Net


Stations 46

Traffic 0

Total time 78 minutes in 5 sessions

KW3Z net manager


Delaware Traffic Net 


Stations 229

Traffic 29

Total time 425 minutes in 26 sessions

K3JL net manager 


Traffic Report


  Call            Orig     Sent     Recv'd     Delivered     Total

N3KRX           0          6             6               2               14

KC3MAL         0          5             0               0                5

K3JL               1          36           23             3              63

KC3FAU           0          6            1               1              8



3rd Region Net Report - April 2022


Traffic Handled - 20

NCS (From Delaware) - WA3QPX - 19




NEW or ASPIRING HAMS: Were here to help!


Here is a list of Amateurs who have volunteered to serve as mentors.  Please contact the one nearest you for some help and advice.  Following the call sign you will see a broad definition of a mentor’s particular skill or area of interest.  In nearly all cases, these gentlemen can offer “general” help in getting you started.  Because we’re volunteers, some mentors may not be available at a given time, but another mentor will be happy to help you.


Jon Zaimes AA1K; Contesting, DX; 302-632-2353

Jerry Palmer N3KRX; EMCOMM, General; 302-398-4115


New Castle

Joe Grib KI3B; General, D-Star; 302-593-5669

Paul Domanski WA3QPX; General, traffic handling, EME; 302-388-2679

Robbie McCray W3RSM: General;  302-533-8535

Tom Gerard KB3ONZ; General;  302-383-3540



Al Waller K3TKJ; 6 Meters, HF, General; 443-783-5389

Bob Lippman K2GHY; General; 201-218-1500

Dell Palmer K3AXR; Ham Radio Deluxe, General; 410-208-3328

Herb Quick KF3BT; License Testing, General;  302-629-4949

 Jamie Ashton W3UC; Parks on the Air, General; 410-202-7690

 Jay Rutherford K3BH; General; 302-265-6690

 John Ferguson K3PFW; General; 302-245-5469

 Patrick Ryan KW3Z; Winlink, General; 302-228-1111

 Paul Ross W3FIS; QRP, digital modes, electronics; 302-436-6424

Pauly Ross NR3P; QRP, General; 302-569-1618

Tim Brown WB9NDF; General; 336-508-3728




Needed at a test Session:                                                                                                      
1. Two (2) forms of ID are required; one must be a photo ID

2. Any original Licenses and/or CSCEs MUST be presented along with a copy of each is necessary

3. CASH or CHECKS for $15.00 for ARRL VEC $ 14.00 for W5YI VEC

4. A pen. Forms must be signed in ink.

5. FCC "FRN" number.

6. Email address.

Sessions are listed as follows: 

The Delaware Amateur Radio Testing Team (DARTT) conducts FCC Ham Examinations in Sussex County Delaware Contact W3TL, Joe Stormer at  for more information.  

The Northern Delaware Volunteer Test Team conducts exams in New Castle County on a regular basis.  See for more information.  Team Director is Robbie McCray W3RSM at 302-533-8535 or 

The Kent County Amateur Radio Club Conducts Examinations in Kent County Delaware Contact: Jerry Palmer N3KRX at (302) 398-4115 or (Alternate) Ken Steele N3QJJ at (302) 653-2144. Testing is held in Room 209 at the Wyoming United Methodist Church, 216 Wyoming Mill Road,  Dover, DE 19904.  Enter on North end of the building, Room 209 is the first room on the right. 2021 test tdates coming soon.

The Sussex Amateur Radio Association (SARA) conducts testing on the third Thursday of each month in conjunction with regular club meetings.  Location is Muligans Point Country Club in Georgetown.  Testing begins at 6:30 PM.  The SARA Test Team is associated with the Laurel VEC and there is no charge for testing.  Contact Herb Quick KF3BT for more information.




The First State Amateur Radio Club meets the fourth Thursday of every month (other than November and December) at 7:24 PM. The starting time for the First State ARC meetings is 7:24pm. The date is still the 4th Thursday of the month, except in November and December (3rd Thursday.) FSARC meets in the Corporate Services Company building at 251 Little Falls Drive in Wilmington.  Enter the building and ask the guard for directions to the radio club meeting.

FSARC Officers:

President: Wendy Horn KB3ZDM

Secretary: Mike Federico KB3REU

Treasurer: Dave Drew K3DX

K3QBD trustee: Dave Drew K3DX




Monthly meetings held at the Green Turtle restaurant in The Village of Five  Points Lewes, DE 12:00 noon every First Wednesday of the Month

The Green Turtle Sports Bar and Grill, is located at the Village of Five Points, 17388 North Village Main Unit 21, Lewes, DE 19958.

Lewes Repeater W3LRS  147.330 Output 147.630 Input PL 156.7

Lewes WGMD Repeater W4ALT 443.55 Output 448.55 Input PL 156.7



Vacant, President

Tim Brown, WB9NDF, 1st V.P.

Jim Ippolito,  KB3IOG, 2nd V.P.

Rita McClanahan, K3RMM, Co- Secretary

Bill Duveneck, KB3KYH, Co- Secretary

Joe Dipietrantonio, W3JDP, Treasurer




Meetings of the Kent County Amateur Radio Club are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month 7:00 PM at the Kent County EOC located 911 Public Safety Blvd. Dover, Delaware and via Zoom.  

KCARC ARES / RACES Meet the last Monday of the month at 7:00PM

Talk in on repeater KC3ARC 146.970 Output 146.370 Input PL 77.0

Woodside repeater KC3ARC 146.910 Output 146.310 Input PL 77.0              This is a Fusion Repeater

Woodside repeater KC3ARC  444.550 Output 449.550 Input PL 77.0

Kent County Amateur Radio Club Officers:

President;         Richard Lomax N3JCP

Vice-President;  Paul Tuley N3BUH

Secretary:        Vince Pisano, AB2UU

Treasurer:          Bill McCourt, WF1L


 Emergency Coordinator  Jerry Palmer N3KRX




Meetings are held the 3rd  Thursday of each month at 7:30PM at the Mulligans Point Country Club located at 22426 Sussex Pines Road Georgetown, DE 19947-6445

Millsboro, DE Repeater WS3ARA 147.090 Output 147.690 Input P/L 156.7

Roxana,DE Repeater  WS3ARA 147.015 Output 147.615 Input P/L 156.7.  This is a Fusion repeater

Millsboro, DE Repeater WS3ARA 224.840 Output 222.240 Input P/L 156.7.

Millsboro, DE Repeater WS3ARA 449.825 Output 444.825 Input P/L 156.7


President,  Butch Wlaschin, WA0CIE

Vice President, Barbara Dean, KC3LGE

Secretary, Donna Spencer, KC3IHV

Treasurer, Stuart Banta, KC3MAL

Director, Jamie Ashton, W3UC

Director, Spence Spencer, NS3F

Director-Past. Pres. Pat Ryan, KW3Z



The Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club meets the third Saturday of each month at the TidalHealth Instructional Center, 121 S. Front St., Seaford, DE 19973

The Nanticoke Club Net is held each Monday evening at 8:00 PM on the N3KNT Repeater:146.715 (-) P/L 156.7

Stations in Western Sussex County are invited to use:

W3TBG - Nanticoke ARC Club Repeater: 145.210 MHz (-) P/L 156.7, Fusion WIRES-X Room #36540

N3KNT - Repeater: 146.715 MHz (-) P/L 156.7, Echolink, Analog Room #30410

Local RMS: 145.050 MHz, located at TidalHealth Hospital in Seaford

Club website:

Mailing address: Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club, Inc., P.O. Box 135, Seaford, DE 19973



President:  Victor Gumper, KC3BUI

Vice President: John Cocking, K2CQW

Secretary: Pat Ryan, KW3Z

Treasurer: Dan Braunstein, N3WYN

Director: Joe Kash, KK3JOE

Director: Rod Eikenberry, N3KNT

Director: Mark Ancell, K3EIE





The Delaware Repeater Association Inc. meets Quarterly the months of March, June, September and December on the Second Tuesday at 7:00PM at the Brandywine Community Center in Wilmington. 

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 146.730 Input 146.130  P/L 131.8  Wilmington

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 146.700 Input 146.100  P/L 131.8  Newark

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 448.375 Input 443.375  P/L 131.8  Wilmington

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 449.025 Input 444.025  P/L  131.8 Newark

Repeater W3DRA   Output 224.520 Input 222.920  P/L  131.8 Wilmington

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 146.955 Input 146.355   P/L  131.8 Wilmington

Delaware Repeater Association Officers:

President Dave Stepnowski, KC3AM

VP Tom Perry, KC3FAU

Treasurer Joseph Grib, KI3B

Secretary Dave Scott, KC3BEJ

Trustee/Register Agent Dave Stepnowski, KC3AM


Christiana Amateur Radio Emergency Service


CARES Meetings are on Tuesday evenings 7:00 pm to
9:00 pm those without a badge need to be escorted.
Location: Christiana Hospital 4755 Ogletown-Stanton
Road Newark DE 19702-5440.  
Meeting dates can be found on the web site in the 
events links at the top.

Repeater W3CER Output 444.950 Input 449.950 P/L 100.0 Newark

Repeater W3CER Output 444.400 Input 449.400 P/L 100.0 Wilmington

Repeater W3CER Output 442.500 Input 447.500 P/L 100.0 Middletown




Function RX Freq TX Freq Tone Callsign Location

HF TRAFFIC 3.905 3.905 LSB DE Traffic Net DE Section

Alt HF Traffic Frequency 7.280  7.280 LSB 40 Meter Alternate


Main Repeaters

North DE 146.730 146.130 131.8 W3DRA/R Wilmington,DE

North DE 448.825  443.825 131.8  N3JLH Delaware City, DE

Central DE 146.970 146.370 77.0 KC3ARC/R Dover,DE (Fusion)

Southern DE 147.090 147.690 156.7 WS3ARA/R Georgetown,DE


Alternate Repeaters 

NCC Co 146.700 146.100 131.8 W3DRA/R Newark,DE

Kent Co 147.300 147.900 77.0 N3KNT/R Hazlettville,DE

Sussex Co 146.715 146.115 156.7 N3KNT/R Seaford,DE








Delaware Officials

  • John Ferguson

    Section Manager

    John S. Ferguson K3PFW

  • John DiGiovanni

    Assistant Section Manager

    John G. DiGiovanni N3LUD

  • Joseph Grib

    Assistant Section Manager

    Joseph M. Grib KI3B

  • Patrick Ryan

    State Government Liaison,
    Assistant Section Manager

    Patrick W. Ryan KW3Z

  • David Scott

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    David L. Scott KC3BEJ

  • John Low

    Section Traffic Manager

    John R. Low K3JL


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