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Dues Increase FAQ

QST Article

Read The Value of ARRL Membership from the October 2015 QST.

Why is ARRL raising dues?


The last time the basic dues rate was raised was in 2001. As of 2015, the economic realities have caught up with us. While ARRL has done a good job of keeping our costs down internally and giving you the best services we can for your money, other factors are simply out of our control. Everyone’s costs have gone up in the last fourteen years. For ARRL, these include utilities, insurance, postage, and many others. We have done as much as we can to hold off a dues increase for over a decade, but now it is a necessity.

This step allows us to continue giving you the level of personal service you have come to expect from ARRL and will ensure that high-quality programs and services will continue for all members as we provide a unified voice that protects and promotes ALL of Amateur Radio.

When does the new rate take effect?

January 1, 2016.

How much are dues going up?

A standard one-year ARRL membership will be increased by $10 per year. This is about 83 cents per month, or less than 3 cents per day.

What do dues pay for?

As a member of ARRL, your annual dues pay for the education, advocacy and outreach ARRL provides to all members and to Amateur Radio as a whole:

Members also have access to numerous ARRL programs and benefits not available elsewhere:

Why doesn’t ARRL reduce operating costs instead?

We have. ARRL’s 2001 operating expenses were just over $13 million. In 2014, expenses were $15.5 million, an increase of just 19% over the past fourteen years, considerably less than the US rate of inflation from 2001 to 2014 (32%). A detailed explanation of ARRL’s budget and expenditures over these years is available in each year’s Annual Report. All reports since 2002 are available online.

What else has ARRL done to save money?

Since 2001, we have implemented many operating efficiencies that have contributed to reducing our staff at ARRL Headquarters by fifteen percent, while either maintaining or expanding our level of service to you. In addition, we have developed additional giving opportunities, such as the Diamond Club, the Spectrum Defense Fund, and the Legislative Issues Advocacy Fund, for those members with the means and desire to support ARRL beyond dues.

How will a dues increase help?

As you discover new ways of learning, growing and having fun in Amateur Radio, you expect ARRL to be your source of information, programs and services covering the ever-expanding scope of Amateur Radio interests and activities. ARRL manages its resources judiciously and keeps costs as low as possible while maintaining a consistently high level of service for all members. Raising dues will ensure that high-quality programs and services will continue for all members as we provide a unified voice that protects and promotes ALL of Amateur Radio.

You can learn more in the October 2015 QST article, "The Value of ARRL Membership."

What are the new dues rates?



1 Year

2 Years

3 Years

Regular (US)

Monthly QST via standard mail for US members




QST- First Class

Monthly QST via first class mail for US members




Canada + print QST

Monthly QST via standard mail for Canadian members




International + print QST

Monthly QST via standard mail for international members




International/Canada – no print QST

Digital QST only





No QST delivery, all other member benefits apply





Must reside with primary member and have corresponding  membership dates; no extra copies of QST




Diamond Club    






Must be 21 years old or younger AND the oldest licensed Amateur in the household





ARRL Life Memberships

US                                                                      $1225

Canada                                                              $1550

International                                                       $1900

Canada/International-only Digital QST               $1225

Blind                                                                   $250

Family                                                                 $250


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