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best way to learn Morse Code - update

Apr 5th 2015, 18:15


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I’ve just published upgrades to CODEMAN, my "semi-automated", Morse Code learning app.

My background is engineering and my occupation is cookie-making but my wife, Judy (KI6HQH) and I (KI6HQL) are ham radio operators.

I found learning Morse Code (at 68) difficult and frustrating so I developed my own “system"… it’s easy, and it actually works!

It’s a streamlined, free, works on Android and iPHONE. Our hope is to get more people into Morse Code.

Hope you enjoy! We’d be very interested in receiving your comments and reviews.

Thank you and enjoy! 73, Bart
Apr 9th 2015, 19:45


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When I try to access it, comes up.
Jul 11th 2015, 01:56


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Hello Bart,

I am, also, 68. I have been teaching CW since 1988. When I learned CW in 1985 before receiving my Novice ticket in 1986 I learned CW the incorrect way (my opinion). First at 5 wpm, then at 13 wpm for the General ticket, and 20 wpm for the 20 wpm proficiency exam. It was a struggle. Each step I basically had to retrain my ear all over. In 1988 I read an article about the Farnsworth Method of learning CW from one the popular ham radio periodicals. I began learning and teaching with this method. I've been successful with this method with many hams wanting to learn CW as long as they followed my daily practice routine of 2 fifteen minute practice sessions per day until the next CW class.

So from the get go my students learn the character at 20 wpm copy speed; I use long spacing between character to give their ear/brain coordination time to decipher the character. After the entire list of characters has been introduced/learned by the student the gap between each sent character is lessened in order to gain copy speed.

72/73 KB8AMZ, Terry
Feb 5th 2017, 06:38


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Grab a couple of these little micro HF transmitters and practice sending code across the room to your friends HF receiver, shortwave radio, or a dual band handheld that has wideband HF receive mode.

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