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"bandplan" in July QST issue Jun 25th, 12:17 2 632 on 27/6/22
New ARRL website / changes? Mar 31st, 16:59 9 1,252 on 14/6/22
Status ARRL audio news Aug 21st 2013, 11:03 3 3,855 on 22/9/13
JOTA 2012 Oct 18th 2012, 09:05 1 4,102 on 18/10/12

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"bandplan" in July QST issue PE1HZG on 25/6/22
Assuming this topic is monitored by ARRL staff, can whoever has worked on the band plan on the July QST issue please contact me? My email address at works.
EMAIL Forwarding NOT working k2wo on 21/6/22
Of course, it is two days later than the second posting, but " mail forwarding still works for me".

Suggesting the obvious - "did you check your spam mailbox". Unfortunately, alias services like this are disliked by some email operators (AT&T being one) and perhaps your issue is there.

Geert Jan
New ARRL website / changes? PE1HZG on 31/3/22
After some downtime, the ARRL website is back, and it is "the new ARRL website". Perhaps we can use this place to discuss what has changed, what is good, and what it bad.

As ARRL life member the website is now obscured by a big picture "Make the most of your amateur license ...". I consider this a negative, it obscures access to the news section, I now have to scroll past this useless section to see the news.

On the new website, the ARRL forum (this forum) is no longer accessible. On the old website I had to find a link; now I had to use the search engine. The forum sees little use (it is a far cry from, qrz or some of the Dutch and German fora I frequent) and I wonder about an opportunity missed.

The website announcement speaks about me having to change my member credentials but not only is that not true, I'm still logged in.

Please understand I'm not trying to sound negative, but I am trying to find "what has changed", the question on "why" and whether it is a good idea. So far I have not seen a lot of changes, perhaps I missed something?
Status ARRL audio news PE1HZG on 22/9/13
Apologies for awakening my own topic, but:
The service started again this weekend.

Re-broadcasters should be aware that the HTTP filename path changed (again). I've asked ARRL not to change it any further, we'll have to see.


Geert Jan PE1HZG
Status ARRL audio news PE1HZG on 21/8/13
I'm a bit confused about the state of ARRL audio news. It suddenly stopped, with barely any warning, on june 3; the home page says the service has stopped, but a brief note in ARRL news says that the service is just suspended while changes are made.

No clue as to what these changes are, what the status is, what the new service looks like and when (if?) it will start again.

ARRL audio news is relayed by many users. I'd think that proper notice is very desirable and I'm not sure if that is what we have seen so far.

What is done, is done, but: 1. will it start again, 2. when, 3. how, 4. what will the new service look like?

73, Geert Jan

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