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best way to learn Morse Code - update KI6HQL on 5/4/15
I’ve just published upgrades to CODEMAN, my "semi-automated", Morse Code learning app.

My background is engineering and my occupation is cookie-making but my wife, Judy (KI6HQH) and I (KI6HQL) are ham radio operators.

I found learning Morse Code (at 68) difficult and frustrating so I developed my own “system"… it’s easy, and it actually works!

It’s a streamlined, free, works on Android and iPHONE. Our hope is to get more people into Morse Code.

Hope you enjoy! We’d be very interested in receiving your comments and reviews.

Thank you and enjoy! 73, Bart
New, easy way to learn CW KI6HQL on 21/2/14
Hello all, after years of research, we have developed what may be the easiest way to learn Morse Code, especially for those over 50!

It's called CODEMAN and it's a fully programmed learning system.

In the beginning lessons you "acclimate your ear". Then you advance at your own pace through the automated learning plan. Each lesson is a "bite-size" (1-2 minute) exercise -you transcribe the code as you hear it and check your work using its built-in voice, read-back. It's pretty much effortless and foolproof. By the end of the lesson plan, you can easily transcribe 12 WPM.

It's a free download in the hopes of helping to rekindle the wider use of Morse Code.

It's available for Apple iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Search for CODEMAN in the "iTune App Store" or in "Google Play" (the App store for Android devices)

We'd appreciate feedback. Thank you,

73, Bart (KI6HQL) & Judy (KI6HQH) Greenhut (

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