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Questions about practice methods n8sem on 20/3/17
Great ideas, thanks both of you. I imagine I'll also feel more successful and motivated when I end up understanding realistic language instead of random letters. The list of terms at is one of the more extensive I've seen -- more than a few were new to me.
Questions about practice methods n8sem on 19/3/17
I'm trying to figure out the best way to practice copying (not sending) CW.

So far, I've learned all the letters and numbers and can copy at around 15-18 wpm if I add a lot of extra spaces between characters (ending up at half that speed or less). It's enough space to keep me from getting overwhelmed, but too fast for me to think much about it before the next character comes.

My question is about what to use in practice:
-- random character drills with all of them, or
-- random characters with a select group, or
-- actual words, or
-- something else?

My errors are usually missing characters entirely, not thinking it is some other character. The errors can be newly learned characters or ones I've known for months, so if I don't practice with all of them, I wouldn't know if I should emphasize newer/older ones.

I currently use CW Player by F6DQM and write what I hear by hand, not type. (BTW, I love the game added in the new version.)

Thanks for any suggestions!

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