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ARRL 2022 Handbook Oct 21st 2021, 09:16 1 1,828 on 21/10/21
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The Technical History of Radio KK7BSR 1 week, 4 days ago
The ARRL Handbook is an excellent resource. It doesn't have to be a recent edition -- any Handbook from the past 20-30 years would do fine. Once you've gained an understanding of analog radio, a more recent Handbook will cover software defined radio.

Mark AI4BJ
"bandplan" in July QST issue PE1HZG on 27/6/22
It has been my experience that the only folks at HQ who monitor these forums are the technical staff. You'll probably have much better luck if you reach out via email.

Mark AI4BJ
ARRL EFHW Kit build issues MMcFarlen on 15/6/22
Have you tried using a counterpoise wire? I see there is a connection point for one on the balun enclosure. (Sometimes a counterpoise can provide a needed return path for the antenna current.) Just let it dangle down, or you can run it along the ground away from the main antenna. Try different lengths. If you have just one long piece of wire, folding back the end to make a shorter wire while testing is acceptable.

Mark AI4BJ
Question about participating in contests... AI5RR on 15/6/22
Hi Bob -- congratulations on the upgrade! It is perfectly OK to hand out points in a contest without submitting a log -- I've done so many times. The stations you contact WILL receive credit for the QSOs.

If it's one of the big, adjudicated contests, I usually try to complete at least two or three QSOs if I'm not planning on submitting a log. When a call sign only appears in one contestant's log, it can sometimes arouse suspicion with the judges.

Mark AI4BJ
balum needed on EFHW? KK4LYQ on 21/1/22
From the equipment that is mentioned, I would guess that the OP is not talking about a permanent, home installation. Although dipoles are more efficient, end fed antennas are often more practical for portable ops, especially in areas where there may only be a single suitable support. I also agree with you that if the tuner can produce a 1.7:1 match on its own, I would dispense with the balun.

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