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CWL and CWU VA3ABN on 5/4/14
Different manufacturers display it differently, and I think Yaesu is the one who uses the CW-U and CW-L terminology.

Basically, the transmitted signal is identical either way. Some manufacturers may differ, but in general, the frequency displayed on the transceiver's VFO will be the transmitted carrier frequency.

The CW-L or CW-U setting means what you will be receiving. On CW-L, you'll be receiving LSB. On CW-U, you'll be receiving USB. The only time I can think of where this would make any difference is if you are working cross-mode with an SSB station. So if you want to work a station running LSB, you'll need to switch to CW-L. To work a USB station, you'll need to set it to CW-U.

Again, actually working CW, it will make no difference. However, depending on how you have it set, the VFO will seem to work "backwards" in one of the settings. For example, if you have it on CW-L, you are receiving LSB. Therefore, as you tune up in frequency with it set to CW-L, the pitch of the received CW signal will get higher and higher. On CW-U, the pitch of the received signal will get lower and lower as you tune up in frequency.


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