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antenna 0001529375H80 1 week, 4 days ago

Cushcraft R9 80 to 6 Meter Vertical Antenna (August 2017 )
Change ARRL email forwarding address? KG6POV 3 weeks, 2 days ago
'T' or 'F' - "If you hear 'em you can work 'em" xof7fox on 14/7/22
These days there are a ton of variables that make it difficult to generalize what you can expect. One idea may be to visit the repeater site and listen to ascertain their noise level and strong signal issues. A repeater put up long ago may not have the front end filtering needed to deal with signals far away from the
duplexer passband as services have changed. For instance, broadcast TV now operates on different frequencies than they did before the switch to digital.
I used to go to Mount Equinox that had 150 transmitters but have not been there in twenty years to see what has changed. Most ham gear would not operate properly without extra filtering back then.
This blog illustrates the difficulty duplexers can have

Zak W1VT
Yaesu FTM 6000R KD9BKU on 6/7/22
The brochure suggests that the designers intend you to program the radio from their new and improved user interface.

If that doesn't work RT Systems sells cables and programming software for Yaesu radios.

I believe Chirp works by allowing you to download data, modify it, and then upload he revised data into your radio.

Zak Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
Question about log file format details... AI5RR on 7/6/22
The CQ WPX Contest only recognizes the Cabrillo fields shown on this page.
The complete Cabrillo specification can be found at

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